A Qualified Domestic Relations Order is a legal order resulting from a divorce or legal separation that gives the divorced spouse or other dependent, defined as an "alternate payee," their share of an asset, such as a pension or retirement plan benefit.

The document below describes the Fund's QDRO-related procedures in detail. Click the document title to review or download.


IAM National Pension Fund QDRO Procedures (PDF)

Describes the Fund's procedures for reviewing and administering a QDRO.


IAM National Pension Fund QDRO Instruction Booklet (PDF)

New document pending, please contact the Fund Office if you need assistance in the meantime.

Provides a comprehensive overview of how a QDRO is established and how pension plan benefits may be allocated to an alternate payee.

IAM National Pension Fund QDRO Model for Participants in Payment Status (PDF)

IAM National Pension Fund QDRO Model for Participants Not Yet in Payment Status (PDF)


These documents serve as model agreements for establishing a QDRO and calculating the division of benefits among the parties.

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