Recent Mailings

Important Mailings from the Fund Office

April 2017

The 2016 Annual Funding Notice and 2017 Green Zone Status with a special cover letter was mailed April 28, 2017.

The notice was sent to all Active and Inactive Vested Participants, Benefit Recipients, Employers and both Non-IAM Union and IAM Union Representatives.

Any questions from participants should be directed to the Customer Service Call Center at 1-800-424-9608. Questions from employers or union representatives should be directed to the Employer Services Department.

January 2017 

The mailing of Benefit Recepients' Forms 1099-R for the 2016 plan year was completed January 30, 2017. Copies are available online through the Secure Login for Benefit Recipients on the home page of this website.

June 2016

A mailing was sent to certain participants by PBI, which is a locator service the Fund has hired. PBI is helping us find people who may be eligible for benefits and cannot be located because their mail was returned to us and we need to confirm a good address. If you receive a letter from PBI, it is a legitimate request and you should respond to them. If you wish to confirm this with us, please call our Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-424-9608, ext. 222. 

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